Avarana unlocks the potential of people and collectives to take action that increases happiness, with profit.

Purpose converts to real value, including profit, once it becomes truly operational. We have the process, expertise and tools to help you materialise your purpose.


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52% of the Fortune 500 companies disappeared during the last 15 years

Complexity and uncertainty on the rise

The unpredictability of political economy, coupled with climate change, demographics and rising inequality are making it more challenging to navigate through life, and to operate business successfully in the long run. It is important to understand what the world around us actually looks like to succeed in life and business.

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Your employees and customers choose based on your values and impact

Know what customers and employees care about

Whether you are concerned about your business or your own quality of life, it is important to recognise that people make major decisions also as consumers and employees based on what they believe in. Are you able to genuinely respond to their expectations?


Change is the only constant. Avarana improves your focus, performance, and meaningful engagement.

Change is the only constant

Avarana helps you to embrace change from a place of purpose. We enable you, your organisation and business thrive through thick and thin. We bring the tools and expertise to uncover the reason for your existence, with the means to live it every day. Improvement of your focus, performance and meaningful engagement with key constituents form the basis of our work. We exist to help you discover and add value to your performance based on what you and people that matter to you care about.